Small bottle with a slanted neck and spout

I found this bottle and others while out foraging here in the UK. The glass is clear and looks to have some peculiar deformations inside the bottle. [not bubbles] It weighs around 4 ounces or 114 grams, is 3.5 inches tall and 1 3/8 inches in diameter. The seam is slanted and is in a 12 degree angle. When looking at the opposite side from the spout side the seam begins to the bottom left of the spout and ends on the lip to the right of the spout. There is no other seam. On the spout side and to the right below the neck there is a square that contains what looks to be a cross. The spout follows the angle of the lip which is at a 22 degree angle. The numbers 9333 appear on the bottom. Also found at the same site was a glass bottle stopper similar to the one in the photo. Thanks for any help!


  • Thanks for posting.

    Hard to say what your clear bottle would be used for, but it has been damaged by fire. The neck is bent and distorted by heat so that would not be a pour spout you are seeing.

    The aquamarine-colored stopper is from a sauce bottle like Lea and Perrins. Here is a picture of a great example showing the bottle with its stopper and cork gasket.


  • Thank you! Others who have seen the bottle said the same about the heat damage. The reason for the glass cork photo was to reference the time period for the clear bottle as it was found inside a broken bottle laying next to the clear one. Now I have a general idea of how old the dump site might be. Thanks for your help.

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