Yellow glass, square-bottomed container...with a handle?

It's probably not old, but been made to look that way...however Id appreciate any info I can get on it. It's about 10" tall, with a square mouth and bottom. The mouth is much smaller than the bottom, about 4" across. The sides slant out to a width of 12" and then the last 1.5" slant back the other way, leaving the bottom about 10" across.

On the bottom there is a slight circular shape that looks like it was left there from whatever process was used to make it, as well as a stamp that reads PATENT and then below it, in the very center is 201430000630 and finally, below that, slightly offcenter towards the left is a capital S with a copyright symbol. All around the square bottom are small raised hash marks, and on each the four corners is a group of 4 raised dots in a tiny square.

The handle is held on with a metal band going around the mouth, with rather large metal studs protruding quite a bit from the center of all four sides. The handle is attached to two of them in with a metal 8 shape that goes through a rusty D ring. That's at the ends of a piece of bent bamboo in the shape of a C, which forms the handle.

Thanks again everyone. This is a great site.



  • This looks to me to be a battery jar, though I can find none just like it. It doesn't appear to have an American patent. This jar, if a battery jar, had a lid from which anode and cathode were suspended. The top of the lid would have had positive and negative terminals. If it's a battery jar, there are probably a few collectors who would be interested.

  • So I was wondering what you found out about your glass piece? What area did you find that piece? Like at a Flea market?

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