Looking for a date range

My daughter found these bottle at the bottom of a lake. This area was a dumping ground for dishes and bottle back in the 1920-40's. We have dozens and I've been able to identify most of them. Majority seem to be from the 40's but these 2 I can't find info on....help!

This guy has what seems to be WXI or T with a possible 9 and completely illegible number. Probable D at bottom. Seems are uneven but looks machine made. 750ml size.

The little guy is about the size of a stubby beer bottle. I've been able to identify Dominion Glass company. If I'm correct then made Jan/Feb of 46? But I can't find a C.C LTD company nor what it might have held. Side note...pics suck but the is a D in a diamond. A above it. Not sure on the last. 4 on the right. And 0 below.


  • Yes, mid 20th century. My hunch is that the olive green bottle is of European origin and most likely held liquor of some sort.

    The clear soda bottle could be 1946, but one should not assume this since there is sparce documentation of manufacturing marks and their meaning..

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