Looking for arsenic, mercury and lithium bottles


I am new to the forum, so let me first introduce my self. I've always been interested in pharmacology and obviously I love antique poison or medicine bottles, as well as old tin pill boxes.

I'm currently looking for antique bottles or pill boxes with their original label which would read as containing either:

-Arsenic trioxide (aka arseneous oxide, arsenous anhydride, white arsenic, arsenicum album)

-Mercuric oxide (aka mercury monoxide, red or yellow mercury oxide, red or yellow precipitate, hydrargyrum oxidatum)

-Lithium carbonate or phosphate, with label mentioning use against psychiatric conditions (such as depression, mania, 'brain gout', melancholia, neurasthenia, etc.)

Ideally, lid or cork would still present, and even better if some contents are left inside the bottle, but that's not mandatory. What's most important is that the bottle (or tin box) retains it's original labeling.

My dream would be one of those cobalt blue coffin shaped bottles with dots on them, but what are the odds that the original label would match the chemicals I'm interested in...

I hope you might help me source such bottles, thanks!

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