Looking for a date range

My daughter found these bottle at the bottom of a lake. This area was a dumping ground for dishes and bottle back in the 1920-40's. We have dozens and I've been able to identify most of them. Majority seem to be from the 40's but these 2 I can't find info on....help!

This guy has what seems to be WXI or T with a possible 9 and completely illegible number. Probable D at bottom. Seems are uneven but looks machine made. 750ml size.

The little guy is about the size of a stubby beer bottle. I've been able to identify Dominion Glass company. If I'm correct then made Jan/Feb of 46? But I can't find a C.C LTD company nor what it might have held. Side note...pics suck but the is a D in a diamond. A above it. Not sure on the last. 4 on the right. And 0 below.

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