EC Booz's Blue Bottle, no 1840 or Log Cabin Text

Googling has not yielded me any solid leads on this, as it doesn't fit the description of most of the bottles out on the web. Specifically, it doesn't have any text about "Log Cabin," Philadelphia, or the 1840 date.

Acquired from my 85-year-old grandmother who got it from *her* grandmother in western PA. Unsure when she got it, but I know that her grandma passed away aged 60, so I would guess early 1940s at the latest.


Aqua blue bottle, shaped like a cabin with seams from base to opening at neck on the narrow sides. Roof says "E.C. BOOZ'S" on one side & "WHISKEY" on the other; shingles are faint in the mold but still visible.

Narrow sides both read "E C BOOZS WHISKEY". One side has punctuation, the other does not and the E is not properly formed.

Wide sides depict three 4-pane windows and an arched door with a curved handle. On the side that the roof says "E.C. BOOZ'S," the bottom right corner under the window reads "W71" with what appears to be a copyright symbol and the letter "H."

Bottom face is hard to read with some letters not forming properly, but I've extrapolated that it likely says "WHEATONNJ."

Photos attached; I'm sincerely hoping one of you experts can provide some insight into this find. Thanks so much!


  • Thanks for posting this bottle which is a less common knock-off of the original EG Booz bottles of the 19th century.

    As the base marking indicates, this is a product of the New Jersey based Wheaton Industries of Millville, NJ and I would say this was made later than the date of 1940 that you suggest. Wheaton bottles date to the 1960s and 70s.

    There is lots of interest in collecting the cabin bottles, and many (but not all!) can be purchased inexpensively. See eBay completed sales for some indication of what is offered with selling prices.

  • I forgot to mention - there is a GREAT book by the author Tom Haunton called Tippecanoe and EG Booz, Too! which documents the original and replica / imagined similar bottles.

  • Thanks so much for the information, Chris! Grandma's memory isn't what it once was, so her backstory may be flawed. Regardless, I'm appreciative to get more details about this piece's history. It's a neat little bottle!

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