Mystery,Dark Amber 3-piece mold, LC&S

Hi forum….I need a little help finding out about a cool old bottle we found in an old mining town in Northern CA. It’s very dark amber with an olive hue. It has a seam that goes round at the shoulder and a seam that goes vertical from the shoulder seam and terminates before it reaches the upper neck or lip. It has lots of air bubbles and it has a cup or bowl shaped concave bottom. The bottom is embossed with three letters with the “and” symbol. S & L C Not sure what order the letters are intended to be read (see photo below). Any idea on age or maker? Thanks for any interest and help


  • I've been digging a bunch of these lately in Melbourne Australia, mine look to be exactly the same as yours except for the base marks. The ones on mine have: 5 dots like on a dice with an uppercase P who I've got zero idea of who or what that is BUT I know these bottles are American black glass 3 piece mould 1820 - 1860 I think I was told.

  • You are definitely right on the age @DirtPirate but the lip and base details point to British manufacture - I have seen these with labels.

    One sees plenty of 3-piece mold bottles made in the US but to me they are more often later 19th century.


  • Hi guys

    It's fascinating to hear about your discoveries in Melbourne, Australia! Those American black glass bottles with the 5-dot base marks and the mysterious uppercase 'P' certainly sound intriguing. The dating you've mentioned, ranging from 1820 to 1860, aligns with a significant period in glass manufacturing history.

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