hoping for info on 'nippled' glass.

Hi all,

I have several pieces of this colored glass,

Showing a pair of small ashtrays, and a covered jar.

(The item on the left is different, obv.,

Though I'm also curious about this style)

Anyone familiar with this?

What it's commonly called, any info on dates of popularity, manufacturers.

Any info about this would be great,

I've searched the web several times, no results with the keywords I have used.

Thanks for looking!



  • Hello Will, thanks for posting.

    The word "hobnail" will help you in your searches. The word may have originated in an earlier era for the practice of applying nails to the soles of boots for traction. It also refers to the repeated bumpy pattern on glass.


  • Thanks Chris,

    I appreciate your efforts to help.


  • I believe this is Fenton art glass. Most likely a candle holder. I dug one very similar not too long ago. Not sure about the age, my hunch is 40s to 60s, as that was the age of the stuff I found around it.

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