Mom's antique perfume bottle

Good day everyone, my mom handed me this nice little glass bottle the other day. She says it was given to her when she was a child in Arizona and wasn't told what it is. She is very curious about it's origins. I think it's a perfume bottle given it's size? It is about an inch and a half in height.

Sorry about the last photo of the text, it just wouldn't photograph very well. The text reads:



The word "France" didn't totally fit so it is the word that is curling upward at the end there.

Any help identifying this mystery bottle would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


  • Thanks for posting.

    Definitely a perfume bottle and a lovely one. The question is what is the metal decoration made of? Look carefully for any marking on the metal (such as STERLING)

    This is most likely an early 20th century piece. I would recommend going to perfume bottle specific sites for more info since this subset of bottle collecting is very much distinct from general collectors. See, for example,

  • Thanks so much for the info! I don't see any other markings on the bottle. I'll check out the site you listed. Thanks again.

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