Need Help Identifying This Bottle

I found this bottle while cleaning out a basement & I have no idea what it is. I haven't been able to locate any information online & it's starting to drive me insane! If anyone can help me in any way with any information or point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. The bottle stands 11.5" tall & is 12" in diameter. It is dark Amber and it has "H&M" the bottom.

Thank you so much!


  • I have seen a few of this type bottle over the years of collecting. The oval plate once had a label under glass of the kind that often shows a pretty female face and wording such as "brandy" or "whiskey" Sometimes you hear these referred to as backbar serving bottles.... a display bottle for use at a bar.

    The age is later 19th century. The bottle does not feel entirely American to me - am not sure of the origin.

  • Thanks alot. Is there a market for this type of bottle? Like could I get $20 or so dollars for it or am I dreaming?

  • It definitely has some value and it could very well be $20 or possibly a bit more. I am not entirely sure. List it on eBay and find out!

    If it still had the full label under glass then it would be worth considerably more...

  • Thanks I'll try it

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