Need help identifying EG Booz, Frank's Kidney and Liver Cure, Pocahontas Her Indian Home

I have a handful of bottles. I believe they are reproductions but wanted to be certain.

First is the log cabin e.g. Booz.

Second bottle is a Frank’s kidney and liver cure.

Third is a Pocahontas bottle that I have not been able to find anywhere online.

Lastly, I have a George Washington and a Columbia bottles. I’m 99% sure the reproduction but if anybody’s got information on those please let me know.


  • Thanks for posting

    The EG Booz bottle is indeed a 20th century quasi-replica of the 19th century original whiskey bottle. Your example is in a lovely blue which is not often seen and makes this an attractive example for the collector.

    The Frank's bottle is by Wheaton which was a 20th century maker of decorative bottles and glassware - their bottles are inspired by originals but are not exact replicas.

    The Pocahontas bottle is indeed unusual - I cannot recall seeing this but it is 20th century. Any markings on the base?

  • Pocahontas bottle made by Imperial Glass of Bellaire Ohio circa 1957. There is a companion bottle with John Rolfe.

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