Gold dust in a bottle I found in my yard today? Old house from 1865 knocked down where found

So I live in an old house already built in 1890. A property map I saw a while back showed a house here in 1865. I checked with my next door a few years ago before she passed away..this house was her grand parents, then her parents lived in it, then she got ahold of the property when her parents passed away. But she confirmed there was a house around 1865 that was about 50 ft away that was turned into a 'storage' shed before being knocked down in the mid 1960s.

So this whole upper part of my tiny .3 acres is all full of small unbroken glass bottles, horseshoes and interesting finds...

but today

MAY 28th 2021, I had to dig some mud and dirt that washed out..scooped out another perfect little bottle--but different this time. 8 sided about 2.25" high eyeballing and 8 sided shape... I start to wash it out for my kids to play with. They want to use it for their dolls and barbies for play.. but I stop...

After I washed some mud out, it appears like it's filled with this "gold dust" inside. It's not magnetic, I did the vinegar test, soaked for 1/2 hr and rinsed some on a paper towel. Everything else I dig up in that area is most likely all 100 years old+ or close to it.

Was this like a real

gold dust paint or polish? Was it just put in there by someone who collected it? I wil post a pic..hoping someone has an idea ..maybe? took one without flash, then with..very gold colored for being in mud for who knows how many years..I have a nail picking some's wet from the wet ground and because I was washing before I realized..then I stopped..

I read a link and my bottle identical to theirs

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