Data needed—Coca-Cola Bottles, Patent D-105529, Owens Illinois, 1942–1948 period

Hi all,

I am currently working on a historic preservation/archaeology question related to a data set of 1300 World war II era Coca Cola bottles from Micronesia. As a 'by product' of that paper I am compiling (for the period 1942 to 1948) the number and letter codes that appear to the left of the Owens Illinois <(I)> bottle mark. As I am hoping to be able to make sense of these, I am keen to enlarge the dataset that I have.

I would like to crowdsource this and enlist your help, please.

I would be grateful if you could post details of your bottles here, IF they fit these three criteria:

• Owens Illinois <(I)> bottle mark

• casting date between 1942 and 1948 (i.e all are Patent D-105529 bottles)

• the left number code must have letter or a little solid dot in it.

Can you please post your details in the following manner?

Code / OI / year / base text


2A / OI / 45 San Francisco with dot

3N / OI / 46 Oakland with S

9• / OI / 44 blank (clear glass)

I will of course report back the findings.

Thank you !

Dirk Spennemann


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    This just to signal that I am still looking for additional data !

    Please consider helping out...

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