OLd wine bottle from Fountain Grove Winery in Santa Rosa - est 1940??

I know, looks like a regular wine bottle. Found hundreds of these in an old trach dump where we were digging a foundation. The property was the Fountain Grove WInery in Santa Rosa CA. It was operational from the late 1800's to around 1940. These bottles were burried at least 5' below ground and appeared to be a storage facility. I am certain that they were not just a trash dump. But I want to verify the age if possible. The markings at the bottom of the bottle say Duraglass in a cursive style embossing, and then the nnumbers 23 (symbol) 46. Another one says 28 24 WP. All have a 46 on the bottom of the concave bottom .

The cache had hundreds of broken bottles, and dozens of unbroken ones. I was able to rescue about 60 or 70 bottles in tact, including many bent or warped ones from some kind of fire.

Anyone have any ideas bout age, or where I can take them in Sonoma County. If they are worth something, I would like to sell them. Your thoughts?


  • According to Bill Lindsey's great website, Duraglas marked bottles date in the range of 1940 to the mid 1950s. See https://sha.org/bottle/glossary.htm

    There is little or no value in plain 20th century bottles like this - except perhaps for the fire-warped and bent oddities. Most are destined for the recycle bin.


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