Taylor Instruments Ink bottle?

Any info would be appreciated. The bottle has "Taylor Instrument companies" on one side and "Rochester NY USA" on the other.

Maybe an ink bottle advertising a Thermometer /barometer company?


  • Thanks for posting.

    I have seen a few of these over the years. I do not believe it was used for ink but possibly for a wet bulb hygrometer... I think the recessed band to the right was used to attach the piece to a mounting board or plate.

    According to this page (https://mycompanies.fandom.com/wiki/Taylor_Instrument_Companies) the name "Taylor Instrument Companies" was first used in 1907 although the ground mouth would suggest an earlier time...

    See the photo below of a somewhat newer example I found on eBay (mid 20th century I guess):

  • This makes perfect sense. Photo is very close to what I have. Thanks for the information.

  • Hello Gonzberry

    I stumbled on your post while searching for the bottle to complete my thermometer. As you can see from the photos, mine is broken.

    As stated in Chris's reply, above, the bottle does go with a thermometer from Taylor Instruments. Specifically, the "Lloyd's Hydrodeik". Mine is marked Tycos, Rochester NY. These are what's known as a phychrometric hygrometer. It uses the dry bulb temperature and wet bulb temperature (courtesy of a small bottle of water and a wick covering the bulb of the thermometer) to measure relative humidity, dew point temperature, and the weight of the water in one cubic foot of air. It also gives a relative number for "Electrostatic Stress" or how likely are you to see the effects of static electricity.

    If you are interested in selling your little bottle, that would complete my thermometer. Please PM on that.

    Enjoy the photos.


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