Taylor Instruments Ink bottle?

Any info would be appreciated. The bottle has "Taylor Instrument companies" on one side and "Rochester NY USA" on the other.

Maybe an ink bottle advertising a Thermometer /barometer company?


  • Thanks for posting.

    I have seen a few of these over the years. I do not believe it was used for ink but possibly for a wet bulb hygrometer... I think the recessed band to the right was used to attach the piece to a mounting board or plate.

    According to this page (https://mycompanies.fandom.com/wiki/Taylor_Instrument_Companies) the name "Taylor Instrument Companies" was first used in 1907 although the ground mouth would suggest an earlier time...

    See the photo below of a somewhat newer example I found on eBay (mid 20th century I guess):

  • This makes perfect sense. Photo is very close to what I have. Thanks for the information.

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