Egyptian Destroyer - short, wide lip vial?

Hi y’all! First time being here so bare with me, my terminology is not up to par.

I was curious if anyone out there has ever run across anything like this before. I can not find anything online, and it is driving me insane.

Clear glass vial with a short thick body and wide lip. I am sure that one of the words at the base of the neck is “DESTROYER”. I believe the other word is “ECYPTIAN”, possibly “EGYPTION”. All capitalized letters. The bottom reads, “W H B A L L N.Y. “ , with a possible insignia “M or W”.

Found near an old home place dating back to approximately 1900.


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    Thanks for posting! This is a poison bottle - containing poison for rats. Here is an advert from 1875 - from the Richmond (Indiana) Palladium newspaper:

    Note that Henry, Curran is an agent (marketer) of the product, not the manufacturer. A bit more research might help reveal who W.H. Ball is...perhaps the owner of Metropolitan Medicine Co.

  • Soooo Coool!! Thank you so much, I couldn’t find a thing. You must be a glass detective?! Super impressed

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