Wondering About Cresta Cola Bottle


I found this bottle out in the middle of the woods near Akron, Ohio. It was partially buried and filled with dirt. It reads 7 FLUID OUNCES CRESTA COLA BOTTLING CO. AKRON, O. REGISTERED. Just wondering it’s history, whether or not it is collectable, or if it’s worth anything. Thanks for you time!


  • Thanks for posting this and sorry it took so long to reply..

    Yours is a mid 20th century soda bottle...there were literally thousands of small town bottlers in the first half of the 20th century. Yes, there is some collector interest, but it depends on whether there are local or state-wide collectors for Akron bottles...the collectibility of local bottles varies quite a bit. This is a very clean example which helps a lot - soda bottles can be quite worn since they were often reused.

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