Two more brown bottles

First is a large gallon jug with a finger handle, with “Duraglass” in cursive on the bottom of the side, “one gallon” on the alternate side, and Owens of Illinois? label on the bottom in between the numbers 7 and 8 with “30” below. Any idea on brand and/or use? I assume it was made in 1930?

also in question is a small glass jar around 4” high with no apparent labeling - seam runs all the way from top to the bottom.

Both were found amongst many other early/mid 20th century bottles near an old home site in Athens, GA. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  • The Duraglas process tells us this bottle is 1940 or later - most likely 40s or 50s. That jug could have been used for a variety of liquid household products including bleach.

    The second bottle, also machine made and also likely mid 20th century is a snuff jar.

  • Awesome thanks again Chris!

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