I found this bottle under a tree at prospect park, Brooklyn.

I got so confused with everything printed on it. There is the name John Morgan and New York and the owens-illinois logo, and the letter M.

Can someone help and tell me what this bottle used to have on it (I guess beer) and if is rare or nah. Thank you you all! 


Here it goes the pics!


  • Thanks for posting. This bottle's molded surface texture is quite unusual - this was a lot of extra work for a mold maker and you rarely see this, even with mid 20th century bottles like this one.

    The Owens-Illinois mark on the base shows Plant #6 and likely 1930s or 40s date-wise.

    At this page(http://mikesbottleroom.weebly.com/blob-tops-manhattan.html), you will find this info on what may be the same John Morgan:

    "Address: 343 W. 39th st. - John Morgan came to New York City in the 1850s from Ireland. He started the company under his own name and later changed it to Morgan Brothers Soda Water. The company was successful until it was bought out by the White Rock Soda Co. in 1948. However, in 1952 the Morgan family had gathered the funds to buy it back. It might have been a ploy by the family to get the brewery advertised more within four years under another company to make business good again."

    I wouldn't quit your job just yet - not sure this bottle is worth much but it is interesting to collectors.

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