Help with bottle from 50-60

I found this in a creek bed in a national forest in east Texas. It has "Federal law forbids...." on the back bottom (part of my guess on dates). The clear bottle has seams running to the top. The lettering on bottom and circle on the front are a bit indistinct. Because I couldn't get a clear picture of the bottom, I am including a mediocre sketch of the lettering on the bottom. The tapered hip flask shape is interesting, but strange thing to me is it holds about 500 ml. Please help me with identification.


  • D-9 is the key to identification - that would be distiller #9 which I have associated with a number of brands based on labeled examples. Those brands include: Schenley's Old Quaker Whiskey, I.W. Harper whiskey, Golden Wedding and Ancient Age.

    I cannot make out the decorative circular pattern on the body of the bottle but suggest you browse around on a site like looking for the above mentioned whiskey brands and perhaps you can find a bottle that matches.

  • You are correct...1950s, 60s in age.

  • Thank you, a quick check shows this is most likely Schenley's Old Quaker Whiskey, Thanks, now I track down to more certainty.

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