Looking for P.G.W Ribbed Bottle info

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Hi Guys! I am totally new to this, but I am having trouble finding info on this bottle. This was found stuck down in the muck in a drained lakebed in the hills of Tennessee. It looks like a light green or light blue (almost grey) color. Embossed on the bottom is either P.C.W or P.G.W. I am leaning towards P.G.W.

Pacific Glass Works? Piedmont Glass Works? Pioneer Glass Works? I can't find anything definitive. I've seen pepper sauce bottles that look similar, but not exact. Nothing I've found has the letters embossed. This is the first time I've ever learned about glass bottles, so I appreciate any help!! Thanks.


  • Hey, looks like a round ring pepper sauce. It's tooled and doesn't look to have a suction scar, so all likelihood hand blown and finished. Here's a link to the SHA bottle resource website, it has a very similar example of your bottle.


  • Whichever glassworks produced your bottle, this was a very popular form. My example is an early machine-made bottle by the Owens Glass Company.

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