I found this old whisky bottle hidden in between the floor joists in my basement ceiling!!!

I was putting insulation in my basement to keep out the cold draft and when i looked in the nook i found this whiskey bottle with a cork in it... The bottle was pinched in there and I had to use a bottle jack to take the pressure off and squeeze it out of there....

My question is does anyone know anything about this bottle the labels are almost completely worn off but I did get some pictures..

It's a brown bottle the form seam stops half way up the neck... There is an H on the bottom of the bottle and possibly a T on the side at the very top of the neck it doesn't appear to be a scratch bit the font is different than i would expect to see on a old bottle... The cork is still in it though whatever was in it was either drank or has dissipated over time..

Any information would be greatly appreciated I hope that is enough information i will add some photos that will maybe help...

Thank You


  • Interesting find! The bottle form is "new whiskey," a late development. My estimate of age is 1900-1910, a time of growing prohibitionist sentiment in the U.S. Maybe someone will recognize the labels.

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