Vintage French Decanter? or Factice?

I have this beauty and am trying to figure out WHAT it is first of all.

Sourced in France, I've done a reverse image search on Google and found smaller ones that the vendors state were perfume bottles, which made me think this might have been a dummy store display. The similarity, other than the color and shape, is the distinctive musketeer hat shape of the glass stopper. The liquid goes into the donut shape of the bottle and the glass is fused in the middle, but only moulded on one side. The centre medallion design on my large one is a crown over a shield motif; the perfumeries have a face.

I have gone on antique perfume bottle sites and cannot find anything like this. I've searched on Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay and various other antique sites, both in English and French, and only come up with bottles for sale, but they don't mention the brand, origin, or age, so of course I'm skeptical.

Overall height with stopper is 13.75". Base Diameter is a little over 4". It is disk shaped and is 2" thick. Other notations: The stopper is rough, there are bubbles in the glass, the seam is all the way around the round part, there are no identifying marks on the bottom of the base.

Any information that would lead me to the intention of this vessel is welcomed. I am stumped!


I can't seem to upload more than one photo, so here is the link to other detailed shots.


  • I’m not sure if I can amend this post, but I solved this mystery this morning, if anyone is interested.

    It is an especially large bottle of Marquis De Montesquiou Armagnac from France. The “perfume bottles” that other vendors claim is incorrect. This size must have been a special gift variety, often exchanged in the new year. The shield and crown is clearly their logo. I have not seen another in this size that still has its stopper intact, so that makes me smile!

    In any case, a lovely collectors item. Thank you for looking.

  • Thanks for posting the follow up!

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