Black glass identification. Please help!

I came across this black glass three mold seam bottle recently and there's so much contradictory info out there I decided to ask you -the experts. I'd like to know if who made it,the date, and what's it's worth if it's not a reproduction. Thanks in advance for your help it's greatly appreciated. If you need anything like a different angle picture or info just let me know what you need.


  • It appears to be a common ale bottle from the 1870s.

  • A few points of reference that may be helpful:

    • this is a UK bottle, not American.
    • I would agree with @Harry_Pristis that it is most likely third quarter 19th century
    • Ricketts patent for three-mold bottles dates to 1821
  • Regarding value - these are fairly common and not of much interest to collectors. One recently sold on eBay for something like $6 plus shipping and to me that is rather optimistic...considering the total cost that the buyer paid.

    You will see lots of similar black glass bottles of a similar shape with a range of values - don't equate the value of this with similar and not identical pieces.

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