What are these? Purple Glassware

I purchased these items for my sister to use at her wedding. They were listed as Depression glass, but I do not think they are. Unfortunately, one of the items arrived broken. I am desperately trying to find a replacement.

Regardless, I am curious as to what they actually are, as well as timeframes and value (unbroken, in the case of the one pitcher). Can you help me? Thank you!


  • There are several glass/bottle dealers out there who are rather obsessed with purple, and gather up clear glass to expose the pieces to food industry radiation. Don't panic, it does not render the pieces as radioactive (see https://www.fda.gov/food/buy-store-serve-safe-food/food-irradiation-what-you-need-know ) The common element of the glass here is manganese which was used in glass production until about 1920ish. Search this forum for the word "manganese" to find plenty of discussion on that topic.

    None of your glass is Depression exactly but Depression-era or slightly before Depression era.

    The broken piece I would call a cruet not a pitcher.

    The tall unembossed cylindrical bottle is a generic whiskey bottle.

  • Wow! I never would have guessed that. I will look into it.

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