glass bottle has beaver embossed on bottom

Hi - no other marks. Looks like a basic bottle. I saw elsewhere that a beaver was used for a Manitoba manufacturer - this was found in upstate NY and doubt one traveled that far.

A beaver without any other marks - any ideas? Thank you!


  • Please post a photo or two

  • Here is a photo!

  • One theory is that it might be associated with the old name for Albany, NY - Beverwyck.

  • There is a well-known canning jar from Canada marked BEAVER with a picture of said animal.

    Not sure but likely the jars were made at B.F.G.CO - Beaver Flint Glass Company, Toronto, Ontario , Canada (c.1897-1948).

    I cannot tell from your one photo what the age of your bottle might be, but my hunch is either late 19th c. or early 20th c. A full straight-on picture would help with this.

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