Value of a rare Dr. J Hostetter's stomach bitters bottle

I have a RARE Dr. J. Hostetter's stomach bitters bottle. It has the "A" embossed on the bottom which would have been one of the first bottles produced through either Agnew & Co or Adams & Co. I can't find any others like this online or in books/publications. I am aware that there are between 75-133 variants of this bottle. I need help determining the value of this rare one. It measures 9" x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4". Any other information regarding this bottle (i.e. - age, mold, etc) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!!!


  • It may be true that this particular variant is rare but the larger question is how does that rarity resonate with collectors in general or is it limited to a few people who happen to have collections of this particular bottle?

    Collectors like Rick Ciralli and others have brought a lot of attention to popular bottles and their variants (Dr. Townsends, Merchant Lockport for example) which has increased interest but it does not necessarily mean that every variant of every of these bottles has some new basis for value.

    The answer to your question is a matter of going straight to the source - find those few people who are the key collectors of this bottle and ask them what they feel is the desirability and the obtain-ability of this particular mold.

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