Info/Value for Antique Unmarked Amber Bottle

It's 8.5" tall.

No embossment or markings. The glass is thicker than usual.

The seam meets at the bottom of the neck. Lead me to believe it's from 1860-1880, but not sure.

Any information on value or origin would be appreciated.


  • That's an odd one - I would like to see a photo of the base....which might provide a few more clues as to its origin.

    I would agree late 19th c. - it is bubbly and crude in a way that you would expect to see in bottles of a bit earlier era.

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    Hi Chris, Thanks for your response. Here are a couple more photos...

  • I was just told by a bottle appraiser that it's an ammonia bottle, probably made in San Francisco. Valued around $100-$200.

  • I think you'd be lucky to get ten dollars for this "slick" (no embossing) utility bottle. Search eBay for large medicinal bottles -- the "completed" transactions.

  • Yes, of course! I am not entirely up on my west coast bottles....

    The SF Gaslight Ammonia Company. Unfortunately yours does not have the embossing which will affect the value but these are highly collectible since they come a in a wide variety of colors.

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