Small brown French bottle 'UEV' (identification)

I found this small bottle in a field in the countryside outside Paris and am really curious about what type of bottle it is, what it used to hold or be used for, and perhaps also an estimation of the age of the bottle. I hope someone here has some answers! :)

The bottle is 8 cm tall (just over 3 inches). It is brown. It seems to have a screw top. There is a seem line on two edges of the bottle, which runs all the way from the bottom to the top. On both sides of the bottle there is some type of inscription that reads the letters 'UEV' (with U and E next to each other and the V underneath them). On the bottom it has an inscription that reads 'made in France'. The shape of the bottle looks a bit odd to me - it's wider at the bottom and more narrow towards the top. I'll attach some photos.

Really looking forward to your reactions. Thank you in advance.


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