"Federal Law Prohibits" Octagonal Glass Bottle

Hi there,

Does anybody have any idea what this bottle was used for and how much it's worth? Has and octagonal shape and what looks like an "S" and 2 lions in the design on front. Thanks for any help!


  • All I can tell you is that it was made in 1962.

  • Hi @lstassen

    I would say potentially 1962. Although this date seems reasonable, I am not aware of documented evidence for all machine made base markings....with a few exceptions.

    Likely this is a Schenley brand decanter. If you search this forum on the word Schenley, you will see similar examples. I have associated D-9 with Schenley and a few other brands based on labeled examples.

    Try searching eBay for "Schenley decanter" - you might find a match..

  • Thank you @lstassen and Chris!

  • Here is a link to an eBay auction of the exact decanter, with labels and matching stopper.


  • Hey @chris, fair enough. Sha.com mentions that federal law bottles were required to show the last 2 digits of the year at some point after the factory number.

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