Searching for information on unique amber bottle

Is this bottle valuable? The keystone has a j inside, Knox Glass co. Mississippi. Note sure about what the other markings mean? W-96 and a number 2?? The seam line does go to the top. Was curious what this bottle had in it an why the neck was made with prongs protruding from it? Is it valuable?


  • An unusual bottle for certain - thanks for posting. Not particularly old, maybe 1960s-ish. If it were clear and did not have the knobs on the neck then I might say something like vinegar or household product use.

    I have a hunch those knobs were somehow used to either:

    • secure the closure in a secondary way (as in, dangerous contents, do not open by accident)
    • perhaps some type of attached pouring spout or connection to something else (lab use?) (embalming fluid, attach to tubing?)

    I doubt there is much value since it is so new but it is a curiosity. Do let us know if you find out anything more.

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