Can anyone tell me the age or anything at all

I found a 12” clear glass bottle that had a cork top and is four inches wide

Ste Pierre Smirnoff Fls

Purveyors to the imperial Russian court 1886-1917

four emblems with the years 1877, 1886, 1882, and 1896

on the opposite side is embossed 1818

the bottom has the number 17 and the number 6907

there are two seams that go right from the lip on the neck to the bottom which is then finished off with a circle seam, in the pictures I have tried to make them more noticeable marking up where to look

on the side with the crown on the bottom is what I can only really describe as almost a pinch point, this is also in the photos

there is absolutely no more writing and no size on it

i have found an exact picture on the internet but they did not have answers either and I have literally exhausted everywhere I can think to find anything out about this bottle


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