Where may I find a 1964 Jim Beam Bottle Stopper (the Jeannie Bottle)

I have the bottle from my parents' 1964 wedding, but the stopper was lost long ago.

Might anyone here know a seller/collector/bottle painter/lady down the street who has one I could purchase?

I would appreciate it greatly, as I want to display it by a photo of their wedding.

Much obliged.



  • Hello Me,

    Finding a stopper for any bottle is a challenge - at least for a modern bottle you do not have to worry as much about whether it fits or not (in older bottles and decanters, the stopper would be custom ground to fit the bottle)

    I would recommend setting up a saved search on eBay for "jeannie bottle stopper" - a search on this text phrase for completed auctions shows that one stopper did indeed sell recently for $20. The benefit of a saved search is that you will get an email when there is a match for your search phrase.

    Good luck.

  • Do you still need. I have very many jim beam bottles in storage.in ohio.i will search for that stopper if u still want troysaltwater1011@gmail.com

  • I am looking for Jim Beam d-334 119 64 decanter stopper. Am interested if you have one.

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