Help identifying a greenish horizontal type wine bottle

It has a seam but I can’t find any markings


  • Is the seam on the finish and over the lip?

  • The seam ends where my fingers are in the last picture

  • That's more interesting. The question is how does that seem end. It appears to be covered by paper or tin foil. If it ends abruptly right at your fingers and there is no fading out below that, you'd want to know if there is a horizontal seam right at that point. Them it could be a machine made with a refired finish.

    If it fades, you likely have a tooled finish which is older. Are there any subtle horizontal tooling marks on the finish?

  • The seam is very distinct below the neck. As it ascends up the neck it fades (smooths out). It looks to terminate under the foil (it appears it is slightly raised by the seam). At the bottom (that it sits in there is bubbles in the glass). The seam is inconsistent in how much it is raised along the sides. Some places it is almost smooth while others it is very distinct it is a seam

  • So I would guess you have a mouth blown bottle. It would have been blown into a mold that included a rough finish, and then when removed from the mold the finish was tooled with a hand held device to create the correct shape and smoothness.

    The technique predates even semi automatic bottle machines. These were taking off at the turn of the century. However, there is nothing to say someone was not continuing to use this technique well after the machines were invented.

    My guess would be early 20th.

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