Help needed Identifying Pint Liquor Bottle, Diamond Cut Edges, Clear Glass, Pint R420

I found an older liquor bottle. It has the "Federal Law Prohibits" embossed on the Front. One Pint on the back. It has machine bottle seams up to the and across the screw top area. The bottom has R420 Embossed, which I believe is a Rectifying Plant Permit Number. It has "PAT APPL'D FOR", date and plant stamp appears to 16-40 and a mold number 3. It was found on a former Nike Missile Base in SE PA. Any help appreciated. There is no glass manufacturers symbol. I'm a rookie, so if I missed anything, please let me know.




  • I'm pretty sure it's 1940. Federal law bottles had to have a factory number followed by the last 2 digits of the year.

  • I also found one of these today in PA, Northumberland County. I was getting attacked by mosquitoes so I didn't get good pictures of the embossed lettering. Same 16-40 & R420, just a different mold number. Ever find out anything more on it?

  • @Abandoned_Anthracite One can say in general that you have a mid 20th century liquor bottle, likely whiskey, but as for the brand, it would take some research to find out which Rectifier was assigned number 420. I continue to build a list of distillers and rectifier numbers based on labeled bottles but have yet to identify 420.

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