Is this one real? And if so, how old may it be? Or is it a reproduction?

I found this A TRASKS MAGNETIC OINTMENT bottle while working when was gardening. I love the shape and history behind this bottle and brand, can anyone tell me if it’s real or a reproduction? And if it isn’t real can someone tell me how old it is? Or how I could learn to do this? Thank you! Stay safe and healthy!!


  • the glass appears to me to be authentic. this bottle would be an odd one to reproduce for the purpose of deception or even as an honest reproduction. There is a reasonable possibility of it being 19th C which I say because of the considerable sand grit seen in the body of the glass. however, that evidence in not infallible - just a lead for additional research. I love the chamfered corners. of course your knowledge of the history of this ointment or its maker should help bound its possible date of production - ie what is the company's history?

  • Certainly looks genuine. If you want to learn more about old bottles to go to the site. It is extensive and a very useful tool for understanding antique glass.


  • Thank you everyone! This really helps out,I’ll post some updates!

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