Different deep purple bottle with star-like decoration

Dug bottle, Single mold line around shoulder,one single mold line down one side, eight points star, ground lip or at least appears to be, whittling, pontil


  • Stumped? Well it has me as well considering 8 pointed stars. The only thing I could find out about 8 pointed stars was they was common in colonial times to even early 1800s only significance I could find about 22 stars was congressional record of Alabama being entered into the union

  • Did you personally dig this?

  • Does this help you with your assessment?

  • Maybe you're asking because of the color, manganese glass batches etc......

  • The reason that I asked is that I do not believe this is an old bottle. I believe the the dug appearance is a deliberate treatment to the surface of the glass.

    I have been to the Corning Museum of Glass a number of times but one exhibit that stands out (not sure if it is still on display) was a group of ancient glass pieces each next to modern forgeries to show the similarities and differences. It was a fantastic learning experience.

    Rather than focus on the star decoration, look to find any legitimate example of a bottle with this technique of molding (a dip mold with decoration), a bottle with a similar shape, any sheared lip pontiled bottle in deep amethyst

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    That's interesting educated deductive reasoning, it was a beach dug, the opinion it being a forgery does kinda go against an opinion at Sha-org and another authority on primative glass in england of it being some kinda forgery but hey I do get it, I been at this for a while when things goes against the conventional rule of thumb must be Mexican glass or reproduction but you maybe correct because I myself went into this objectively with cynical and critical reasoning non subjective and science based. There's an awful lot of work put into this bottle to obscurely create a flag star pattern a method used in vexillology/ in American flag making that's really not common knowledge and has mathematical method it also an interesting that it has the same star pattern of the only existing 22 star flag and why someone would use 8 pointed stars other than a 5 pointed star is beyond me other than the place it was found is historically linked to the guilford flag above. But who really knows maybe it is a forgery that got tossed so someone would find it or maybe a glass blower created for a commission piece because it is non utilitarian or maybe the glass blower was bored. I am kinda glad we are making strides in primitive glass composition with science based xrf technology to take a lot of the guess work out of it. I do appreciate your educated guess either way I find the bottle interesting forgery or authentic.

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