Vintage/Antique Perfume Bottles

I have quite a few perfume bottles that my mother collected and I am interested in selling them. I do not know how to identify these or the origins of each one. The clear ones are quite heavy. Can someone please help? Thank you🤔


  • the left bottle in the first picture looks like period cut glass although one can never be dogmatic about these things based upon pictures. I don't know how tall it is, so my estimate of value is very tentative. for retail, I would estimate the bottle at 200-400 usd assuming no damage. the market for American brilliant cut glass has been deeply wounded by the many fakes and honest production which has flooded the market over the past 60 years. consequently, my valuation may be too optimistic.

    the middle glass appears to be pressed glass. the stopper does not look original since it sits a little too low in the neck for my comfort. I don't have a good feel for pressed glass perfume bottles.

    the right bottle strikes me as cut glass, but does not appear to be American brilliant period glass. this one I would need to handle to get a better feel for it. based upon the little information I have for it, I might conservatively price it at 100-200 as a seller - and I think some would consider that price too aggressive. The cuts are not high quality, but it is leaded glass - ie crystal.

    if you sell to a dealer, you would probably sell them for considerably less. My opinion is just that. you have to do your own research. about 20% of the time I over estimate, and 20% I underestimate.

  • Thank you for all of your information. The pic on the left top is 5". No damage. The bottle on the right is 6". No damage.

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