Ball Glass Company Whiskey Bottle?

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I have what I think is a whiskey bottle made sometime between 1930's to mid-1960's. It's approx. 13 1/2" tall and 5" wide at it's widest part as it tapers down from the lip to the base. On the bottom it says "Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Re-Use Of This Bottle" in an arc. In the center it says "73", "D-9", "54". Across the lower side of the bottom it says "A3", "64D50", "Ball" written in cursive. I read that part of this is the permit number for producing a bottle for alcohol.
Any information would be appreciated, date of manufacture, who it was made for, and approximate value. I know that Ball canning jars are collectable, but I'm not sure of other Ball products.


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    Here is what one can conclude from what you have provided:

    (1) The "Federal Law Forbids" text was required by US law during the 1930s to 60s on all spirits bottles, so your dating assumption is correct. Yes, this bottle might have contained whiskey but could also have been any other alcoholic drink.

    (2) The D in D-9 indicated a distillery as opposed to a bottler. This is a bit on.

    (3) Ball Bros. Co. did operate throughout the 30s to 60s but is thought of as a manufacturer of canning jars (think Ball Perfect Mason) It is possible that they produced containers for other uses but it seems highly unlikely that they were also in the liquor manufacturing business.

    A photo might help others piece together the significance of the marks - would be worth posting one if you can.
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    As of today, I, too, own this bottle and would like more info on it's history and value. Dennyd61 did a good job describing the imprint on the bottom. It is basically in the shape of a hexagon, having 6 panels: a large panel on the front and back, and then two small panels on each side. There are two groves on the lip, that I am curious to know their purpose. I hope these photos will help bring forth information. Thanks.
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  • I have found a number of bottles marked D-9 which contained Old Quaker Whiskey

    Found an advert from the 1930s for Old Quaker which says Schenley's Old Quaker Whiskey... The Old Quaker Co, Lawrenceville, Indiana.
  • have one also but just a nice amber whisky bottle,still wondering about
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  • I have an old Ball half pint liquor bottle that has "federal law forbids the sale or re-use of this bottle It has the remainder of a green label or stamp on side. On the bottom Ball in cursive and in a circle it says 73, 2nd it says D85, 3rd line 52., right side an 87. Do you kind of when it was bottled and where. Iknow it's sometime between the thirtys and sixths. Tan
  • See pages 68 and 69 for the evolution of the Ball mark with dates.
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    I have a different one. Anyone have any info? Ps, i found about 20 different types of bottles under my house.
  • @monica - Consider creating a new post and posting a group photo of all 20 bottles.
  • I don't know if this will help anyone, but I have a Ball bottle with the "federal law prohibits" embossing with an original paper label. It is denatured alcohol / poison. The bottom is marked A2 023 76-52 with a sideways Ball logo. It is a pint bottle. Here is a link to some photos.
  • I have a whiskey bottle (I think) on the bottom it has Ball...Made In The USA 73 53 D-126 540-25 A8 Can you tell me how old the bottle is
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