Ball Glass Company Whiskey Bottle?

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I have what I think is a whiskey bottle made sometime between 1930's to mid-1960's. It's approx. 13 1/2" tall and 5" wide at it's widest part as it tapers down from the lip to the base. On the bottom it says "Federal Law Forbids Sale Or Re-Use Of This Bottle" in an arc. In the center it says "73", "D-9", "54". Across the lower side of the bottom it says "A3", "64D50", "Ball" written in cursive. I read that part of this is the permit number for producing a bottle for alcohol.
Any information would be appreciated, date of manufacture, who it was made for, and approximate value. I know that Ball canning jars are collectable, but I'm not sure of other Ball products.


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