Colorado Bottles

Found these on some rural property in Colorado over the last 2 years. Would like any feedback on them as I'm not a bottle guy-- such as time period, value, rarity etc.

-the brown bottle on the left is a Clorox bottle and says Clorox at the top.

-the green bottle is a Falstaff bottle

-the big purple bottle looks like a medicine bottle and says 3xvi at the top and has numbers on the corner going up. The seam goes all the way to the top, through the lip and says 6 or 9 at the bottom. There is some interesting off-symmetry on it.

-The two Rawleighs bottles are not identical but different shape and were found in rocks on a wall.

-The small green bottle on the right is a Chas. Fletchers bottle and says Castoria on the other side.

-the others someone may know about.

Anyway, thanks.


  • Hello, You have some common earlier 20th century machine-made bottles here.

    You might post a clear shot of the Falstaff soda/beer bottle

    The amethyst pharmacy bottle is interesting. Manganese in the glass produces this purple color and it is thought that this fell out of use around WW1, before most machine made bottles appeared. This helps to pinpoint the age of that one.


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