Can Anyone Confirm

When I bought my house knowing it was built in 1911 I of course had to explore and these are just a few of the treasures I found... I've done my research and from what I can tell they could be from 1930-1940's anyone have an idea?


  • Amateur here... For the bottles with 'Federal law forbids...' are there numbers after the manufacturer's logo on the base?

  • Hello @nrutan08,

    Thanks for posting the photos. Great to see that someone was a prolific sampler of various vintage spirits! If the bottles are embossed with "FEDERAL LAW FORBIDS.." markings then you can know for certain that they date from the 1930s-50s. If the bottle says something to the affect of "For Medicinal Use Only" this suggests Prohibition era.

    You have other clues you have not chased down such as the tax stamps. See this webpage for useful dating of those stamps:

    Also the markings on the base of the bottles offer good info on the age of manufacture. If you post some photos of the bases (and it would be hugely helpful to me if you would - ESPecially if you let me know which base goes with which bottle - then we can continue the investigation.

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