Just curious

Found this bottle at the bottom of Haleiwa Trench in about 90 ft of water. Bottle could be from last week or as early as 1940-ish I know nothing about bottle dating and a friend found a bottle yesterday that they dated as 1950 or so, so just curious... If anyone knows how old the bottle is.


  • the numbers are 4324C on the left 20 (and I think that is the Owens Illinois Bottle Company Logo with a 7 to the right of it, then to the right of the big SA (AS, SV, VS) is an 8. From what I can tell, if it is OI Bottle Co, then the 20 is indicative of either a plant in Brakinridge, PA between 1930 and 1940 or Oakland California 1936-present.... So, Literally... any time from 1930 to today. The think that is throwing me is the AS... or whatever that logo is.

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