Help dating please - olive green wine bottles

Hello, I came across an assortment of bottles going through things that belonged to my dad. Most I was able to identify the age but finding nothing for these two. If anyone can help in dating these, I would great appreciate it. They have no seams that I can see and visible ( what I would call) tool markings. Also, I live in Charleston SC, and my dad would do a lot of digging downtown Charleston.


  • May I ask if there is a mold seam on the finish ring?

  • Oh, sorry. You said no seems at all... That would indicate mouth blown with no dip mold or anything, no? That's gotta be pretty old...

  • correct, there is no seam.

  • I usually associate bottoms like that with 16th to 18th C bottles. That proves nothing, but it may be a line of research. the germans and bohemians produced green colored glass during that era. while it requires additional evidence, I think that you have some very old bottles.

  • I believe it is accepted that an applied lip which is dropped down off a sheared mouth suggests Continental origin - do look at the wonderful book

    Antique Glass Bottles : A Comprehensive Illustrated Guide by Willy Van Den Bossche

    which has tons of photos. Definitely 18th or early 19th c.

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