Green 'Applied Finish' wine(?) Bottle

I'd greatly appreciate any help identifying what was in this bottle but must importantly its age.

I noticed it was older than most of my finds because the side seam ends just under the finish. At this point, the glass is uneven as you observe the circumference. I think this means it was manufactured with the 'Applied Finish' technique.

I see no tooling marks, nor disappearance of seam prior to the finish.

The side seam extends all the way to the base, but terminates at the base. So likely a cup bottom mold.

Here you can also see the significant push up in the base. The push up is very uneven as seen in the next photo:

There are significant air bubbles and flaws in there glass:

I cannot tell is there are air venting marks on the surface anywhere. If there are any, they are directly on the seam, and they are not at the same height on each seam.

There is no embossing on the bottle whatsoever, and absolutely no manufacturer's marks on the base.

In the very first photo, you can just discern that there is a slight bevel to the very top surface (lip).

And insights are most appreciated especially with regard to age.

Thank you in advance.



  • Thanks for posting.

    My feeling is that the bottle may be machine made. I realize the bubbles and irregularity suggest an earlier manufacture date but one sometimes see mold marks around the mouth finish - in this case the horizontal lines just below the lip may be mold seams. The finish at the mouth seems much too perfect for an applied lip.

    Another photo or two of the lip might convince me otherwise...

  • I will use my good camera to get you detail of the lip. I need to process these from raw files, do just need a little time.

  • The four photos below depict the neck and finish after successive clockwise quarter turns. The neck seems to exhibit something that appears like 'whittle' marks...

  • My apologies for not getting back to you sooner - thanks for your patience (simply ultra-busy here)

    I am convinced after seeing all your photos that this is a machine made bottle. I wanted to point out another superb reference online which is a good part of the reason for the delay...finding and pointing out the exact info proved to take some time.

    The photo on this other reference site is here:

    which is found on this page: (near the bottom of the page)

    This photo really clearly shows off the horizontal seams below the lip finish which are a clear indication of machine manufacture.

    Therefore your bottle is early 20th century in age.


  • Thank you, Chris.

    Is there any explanation for the lack of vertical seam on the finish itself? What manufacturing process allowed for this?

  • It seems I missed the beginning of your reply when I offered mine. No worries on the time, I know how life can get.

    Looking at the photo you referenced from That bottle had a definite vertical seam on the finish. Mine does not...

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