Is this an antique bottle?

This is a 2" cut clear glass/crystal? bottle.

The lid is a replica of a crown which is a screw on top. It appears to be gold and silver in color with a green stone on top.

The seam is on both the left side an right side of the bottle, extending from the base to the neck (where the screw top attaches).

The marking on the bottom of bottle is PAT.O with the following numbers beneath it: 38459

I am from the United States of America

The questions I have and hopefully you can help me with are:

  1. The age of the bottle
  2. The value of the bottle
  3. The company that produced it

Your help is greatly appreciated. I am so thankful to have found your site.

Catherine Sinor

P.S. - I used my sister computer and we sized photos 3"x3" with "Image Size" APP. However the pictures came out large. Please don't disregard my post because of this.



  • Thanks for posting and for including such comprehensive info.

    Yours is a mold-blown perfume or scent bottle. It's not cut glass but meant to mimic the look. Likely earlier 29th century.

    I suspect there is a missing digit for the patent # - finding the patent would help date the bottle.

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    Thank you, for your help, Chris. I have a few more glass bottles to share.

    1. Green 8" , no seam, base: (P enclosed in in a circle), below that #4, and 800 rectangle shape. Looks like a screw neck.

    2. Clear glass, 5 1/4 " , square type bottle rounded edges, base #12 emblem looks like a head with eyes and pointy ears, #3, below emblem 1. Screw neck, no seams or lid.

    3. Green glass, square rounded edges, 10 ", non threaded neck, base 50 co mm and some symbols. I will try to send pictures, looks like a seam on the neck that stops at the start of the bottle.I

    Thank you for any information you might have. I appreciate it.

    Cathy, have a nice weekend. Pictures to follow.

  • Hi Chris, hope you received the pictures of the 3 bottles I sent through my gmail acct. They weren't the best pictures, I can have have my sister retake and send them to you. Thank you for your help and time.


    1. Mid 20th century medicine or food bottle. Rectangular body bottles of an earlier era were almost always used for medicine, later one sees other uses.
    2. Mid 20th century machine made bottle with an Owens-Illinois manufacture mark.
    3. Modern bottle likely not more than about 30 yrs old.
  • Thank you so much for your reply, Chris.

    They weren't the best of pictures and I apologize, but I tried my best.

    Appreciate your help!

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