Small pontil bottle found in stone wall

Hi, found this little pontil bottle in a stonewall in a field, CT. There were broken shards wedged all in the rocks and around the base of a tree. Found this just below the surface where the was dirt to dig through. Dug further around the area with only minimal fragments found. Should I keep digging or was this a small random trash pile, also what would this bottle have been used for?


  • Hi Piggler, Glad to see you are out finding things! I realize it's not a valuable bottle but pontil era found in a surface dump is significant - that it sat untouched for such a long period of time AND did not fill with water, freeze and shatter is amazing.

    These were medicine vials, inexpensive and mass-produced. Could have been any pharmacists concoction, either made to order or perhaps some standard remedy of the era.

    Every dump is different - who knows what is or is not there.

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