Glass Bottle WT & Company PAT Jan 3. 88

Can someone please tell me what kind of jar this is? WT & Co I’m attaching some pictures Glass is in good shape, only dirty. Not sure how I should wash it since it’s an antique.

Thank you so much


  • Thanks for posting.

    WT Co is Whitall Tatum of New Jersey which is the manufacturer.

    The patent date is the key to finding out what this object actually was used for. You would think that it would be simply a matter of looking up all patents issued on this day (I tried) but this could be the submittal date. Likely you will need to go through patents in the months before and after this date to track down the patent. Bear in mind that the patent may have nothing to do with the word bottle or could be related to the lid or the purpose of the product.

  • Thank you so much, I really wish I knew what they used bottle for. Driving me crazy not knowing what it is.

  • Hope you don't mind me jumping in... But I think it is 1901 or older, which is pretty cool.

    If you go here, scroll down and click the 'wxyz' logo table, you'll see that W.T & Co. Was no longer used after 1901.

  • I would almost bet money that the patent is for the lid, especially since it is quite unique. WT probably bought the lid from a supplier.

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