Anchor Hocking 4/5 Quart Pat'd 9546 brown glass bottle

Found this brown glass bottle in the woods. Noticed a lot of "Anchor Hocking" related material on this blog, but none seem to match the specifics of what I found. Does anyone know the history behind this type of bottle?


  • Thanks for posting and including a super photo of the base.

    You can see the patent for this bottle design here: (although the design does not match anyway near exactly)

    but it does help us date the bottle.

    I answered the question of what this bottle contained (Calvert Whiskey) with a photo here:

  • Wow, that is SO COOL! Is there any sort of 'market' for something like this do you know? I kind of like the idea of keeping it as a show piece, but am curious.

  • Modern machine-made bottles really need something to make them stand out to have any value. Typically that means a label, contents, and/ or packaging. Even then there is no guarantee.

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