3 bottles Found in Garden, any information welcomed

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Unfortunately due to the lockdown my dad can't go to any museums at the moment so I really wanted to create a little museum at home. We found 3 glass bottles in the garden that I want to include. Any information is great as I am a complete novice.

The first is clearly a Bovril bottle, the blue one has h on the base, and the third tbh could just be a really worn down nail varnish bottle from very recently.

I also included a pic of another non glass container, I realise this is a glass forum but if anyone could point me in the right direction of finding information for that it'd be great, if not ignore and focus on glass ones.

Honestly any information even if you think it's super obvious is great , or places I can search for more, all will help

Many thanks



  • Hello.

    I am just a member here and have no expertise. But I have been studying glass manufacture a fair bit recently and your blue bottle is intriguing. It appears to have a rolled lip. The history is extremely complicated, but I believe the rolled lip may mean mouth blown into a mold. These are older than machine made. I'd try to get some answers on that one.

    Your last bottle seems to have a bend in the neck. You should check if the mold seam goes up into the lip or not.

    The bovril appears to me to be entirely machine made.

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