Small whiskey bottle I can't find any information on

Hello whoever reads this, welcome to my post :)

I have been collecting glass bottle for a couple of years and i came to move them recently. I know the history or memories behind each bottle. I collect both old ones with history and new ones i just find pretty. There is this one bottle i just cant remember where i got it from, this is where you come in.

This bottle is a small rectangular shape made from a slightly aqua coloured glass. I suspect it is a whiskey bottle. A seam runs from around the base of the bottle and up the sides to the base of the neck. There are two embossings on the side and on the base, attempting to research both of these things hasn't resulted in much information. Basically i cant find anything about this bottle.

The embossings are:

1) On the side of the bottle- 'fortune if thou'll but gie me still, hale breeks, a scone and whisky gill - burns'. I found out that this is part of a poem by a Scottish man (should probably say i'm British so its not like finding some Scottish stuff in america which would actually be notable).

2) On the base of the bottle- 'frain china mchts dundee'.

There are no other markings on the bottle.

I'm basically just wanting to know any information people can tell me about its age or value (not that i am wanting to sell it, just want to know how careful do i have to be when moving it XD).

Thanks, emcainsh129

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